The Origami Rebels Headquarters!


Do you like acting? Do you like Star Wars? Do you like Star Wars acting? Then this is the chance for you!

The Origami Yoda Series has become pretty famous. And many people have wanted to make an Origami Yoda movie. So, I did. A script has been finished, and now I need actors for the parts. So, if you want to audition, film yourself reading the first paragraph of the first chapter of any of these characters:

Tommy Lomax
Kellen Campbell
Sara Bolt
Quavondo Phan
Lance Alexander
Mike Alexander (In my adaption, Mike and Lance are brothers)

And email the audition and a little paragraph about the character you are trying out for to I will then review the audition and see if you received the part. I want at least a minimum of two auditions for two characters so you have a better chance, because I…

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Dalek Puppet!

PaperDragon Folding

One piece of paper, first Dalek puppet I’ve ever made! (I seem to have moved away from puppets in favor of more sophisticated models.)


The appendages (the eyestalk, the gunstick, and the plunger interface arm) were made from waterbomb bases. The appendage boxes were made by doing the first step of simple Origami Yoda (i.e., folding the ears) and sinking it. I think that’s called a box pleat.

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