New background?

This should be the new background!

Untitled drawing


Dalek Puppet!

PaperDragon Folding

One piece of paper, first Dalek puppet I’ve ever made! (I seem to have moved away from puppets in favor of more sophisticated models.)


The appendages (the eyestalk, the gunstick, and the plunger interface arm) were made from waterbomb bases. The appendage boxes were made by doing the first step of simple Origami Yoda (i.e., folding the ears) and sinking it. I think that’s called a box pleat.

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EZ Origami Hailfire Droid!

PaperDragon Folding

Finally some origami. I made this in about two minutes and took a pic with my webcam. I really have to upload the rest of the stuff I’ve been folding. (Sorry, Chopper! I’ll get to you soon!)


I’d like to see how Captain Origami did his. His wheels aren’t as wheely but his is more detailed. Plus it was probably folded from a square unlike mine, which was folded from a very long and skinny strip.

The base is a single strip (a good long one, the skinnier the longer it looks) folded in half lengthwise and creased in half along the width, then reverse folded so it looks like a horseshoe or a magnet or an upside-down U. From there it should be pretty intuitive, let me know if you want me to post instrux.

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Christmas Advent 2014!

PaperDragon Folding

Didn't you Superfolders

Since my camera is having problems I can’t post origami (You will never get to see the crumple-gami Jabba that looks exactly like Jabbas’ back!)

So I’m doing something different…

A contest!

I want you guys to make Minecraft skins. I’ll try and make some too. Here’s how it will work:

You pick one of the Doctors from Doctor Who, 1-12, War Doctor doesn’t count, and make a Minecraft skin of them. But spice it up for the holiday season. Give the First Doctor an Edwardian Santa suit. Make Ten’s hair green. Dress the Eleventh Doctor as an elf. Stuff like that. Submit them here, and when the advent starts twelve days from Christmas, the best ones will be put up for the advent. (Don’t worry, guys, everyone’s a winner!) The other ones will be put up on the advent page. Make sure to enter one or this…

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