Talk to the Authors!

Say something here. OR ELSE. 😛

82 thoughts on “Talk to the Authors!

  1. I am just waiting for the most important detail. THE FACE!! I already figured out you have brown hair but I CANNOT GET YOUR FACE DETAILS! It is so hard!!! PS i am posting my president buiseness now

  2. Chippy, YOU ARE AHEAD (by one vote) OF JESSENIA IN MY CONTEST!!!!! What a comeback!! You were pretty far behind at first! Now Jessenia and alexdarth99 battle for a final spot for a medal(unless she catches up)! But I did NOT expect this!!! Congrats on taking the lead!!!!!

  3. … I dont normally go on other Superfolder blogs, but this is an emergency, we need to get the word out. Even though “” is out of commission, the original “” was kind of left for dead, but you can still comment on it. The Superfolder s could remain there untill this whole troll thing blows over. Spread the word

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