stooky sites

Origami Yoda

Superfolder Zod’s Origami

Origami yoda 2.0

Darth Shredder’s Origami

PaperDragon Folding

Origami Mayhem

Master Folder Grievous

Superfolder Xavier’s Origami


Moochael’s Origami

Fireblaster Folders– Superfolder john’s site

PauseenP’s Origami

Darthcjdude’s site 

Cammy’s site

The Origami Yoda Movie

Ultra Folder Origami 

StookyLukey’s origami

Origami Minecraft

The Um Hi Blog

Superfolder Tyler’s Origami


Firk’s Origami and Stuff

Fork and Spoon Weekly-Robby’s site

LTRocks’s origami

Mr.Good Clean Fun’s site


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